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Music & Performing Arts

Offering Outlets for Creative Expression

Students are offered a variety of activities to express themselves creatively, from band and orchestra to plays and musicals, from performing as a band, choir or cast member to showcasing individual instrumental, vocal, or acting talents.


Vocal music emphasizes singing and a range of other activities such as improvising and composing music, understanding music in relation to history, and listening to and evaluating music. These experiences introduce students to the expansive world of music and note reading. Choirs at the Roseville Area High School (RAHS), Roseville Area Middle School (RAMS), and Parkview Center School (Parkview) offer opportunities to perform in large groups, small ensembles, and individually.

Band and Orchestra

Band and orchestra are offered through small group lessons and large group rehearsals beginning in the fourth grade. As an introduction to instrumental music, all 4th grade students are taught to play the recorder.  With a variety of bands and orchestras available at the secondary level, students have the opportunity to focus on building fundamental skills and mature musicianship, as well as playing a variety of music. Performances include district-wide festivals, school concerts, and special events.


Besides being renown for its music programs, Roseville Area Schools also has a long tradition of producing quality main-stage productions. For decades, Roseville Area High School and Roseville Area Middle School have produced musicals and plays that delight and inspire audiences of all ages. Parkview Center School and the other elementary schools—Brimhall, Central Park, Edgerton, Emmet D. Williams, Falcon Heights, Harambee, and Little Canada—offer numerous opportunities to share in that tradition.

For performance schedules, please visit your school's website, the District's events calendar or our Suburban East Conference events calendar.

Grades 7-12 Music Concerts 2022-2023