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Career Pathways

Supporting Career Exploration to Meet Workforce Demands

Roseville Area High School students enrolled in Raider Career Pathways courses learn industry-specific skills and, in some cases, may earn free college credit and industry-recognized credentials. Students are involved in engaging, hands on classroom and field experiences, such as internships, connecting with local industry professionals, touring local businesses, and other experiential learning opportunities. Participants in Raider Career Pathways develop essential skills and experience needed to either enter the workforce directly in a high-paying career or further their education at a two-year or four-year post-secondary institution.

Which Raider Career Pathways are currently offered in Roseville Area Schools?

  • Architecture and Construction
  • Business, Finance and Marketing
  • Education
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Printing and Communications Technology
  • Transportation and Automotive Service Technology

Additional Raider Career Pathways will be added based on workforce needs.

What courses are currently available in each Raider Career Pathway?

View a detailed listing in the Raider Career Pathways brochure.

How do businesses benefit from engaging with Raider Career Pathways?

Businesses have the opportunity to grow their own workforce through mentoring students and providing internships, apprenticeships and much more. Businesses will be connecting with students whose educational opportunities have been aligned with workforce needs.

How will the current construction at Roseville Area High School impact Raider Career Pathways?

The 2017 bond referendum will enable the school to add almost 21,000 square feet in career technical education space, which will improve construction, manufacturing, hospitality and automotive educational spaces.

What opportunities do Roseville Area High School students have to earn college credit while in high school?

Students have the opportunity to take College in the Schools (CIS) classes, Advanced Placement (AP) classes and exams, articulated courses and concurrent enrollment courses.

How do Raider Career Pathways impact future education or job prospects?

Participants in Raider Career Pathways develop essential skills and experience needed either to enter the workforce directly or further their education at two-year or four-year post-secondary institutions.