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Student drivers can purchase a parking permit electronically through SmartSchoolK12 and pick up their physical permit from Mr. Thornton during the second/third week of school. It is important to note that parking spaces at RAHS are limited and we operate on a first come first served basis. Please don’t delay!  All fines must be paid from the previous year before a new parking permit is issued. Students can satisfy their fines by contacting the Activities Office. 

Parking Regulations

Students who receive parking permits must observe the following rules. Violation of any of these rules and/or school rules may result in the forfeiture of the parking permit. There are no refunds.

  1. Student parking is only allowed in designated student spaces. These spaces are painted blue in the upper lot to indicate student parking. Staff parking spaces are painted white in the upper lot and align with the staff parking flags attached to the light pole. Students who park in the staff spaces or other non-designated areas may have their cars ticketed, booted or towed at their own expense.           
  2. All students driving to school must have their valid parking permit affixed to the vehicle. Vehicles without a permit may be ticketed, booted or towed at their own expense.
  3. The school does not carry liability insurance to cover damage or theft of student, staff, or visitor’s vehicles and/or contents.
  4. Any unreasonable speed or reckless driving on or near school premises may be reported to the police liaison officer and will likely result in the suspension of parking privileges.
  5. Students are not to loiter in the parking lot or be in their vehicles during school hours.
  6. The parking permit cannot be transferred or sold to anyone else.
  7. Please park responsibly! Vehicles taking up multiple parking spaces may be ticketed, booted or towed at their own expense.

Parents/Legal Guardians: Please encourage your student/s to familiarize themselves with the RAHS parking regulations in an effort to minimize ticketing and ensure available staff parking space. The upper lot is a shared space between staff and students. This dynamic can be tricky for new drivers to navigate so please refer to the slide below detailing the locations where students can and can not park in the upper parking lot. As always, the lower two lots are fully available for student use.